Sometimes you need to visit a new world.

Because maybe your personal sphere’s suddenly lacking purpose? Or maybe you’re sick of seeing the same old sadness? Either way, maybe you’re done imagining new worlds and you’re finally ready to open them?

Except maybe you still stay stuck in your temporal cell and rationalize repetition over creation because you promise tomorrow what you wanted yesterday, and despite feeling stupid spun, you reel from change because it offers the one thing that can heal your fractured timeline.

While it remains wise to make peace with why you want to switch frequencies, here are some safe hacks to help shift your…

Your Heart has been Weaponized.

How many events have you witnessed the past weeks that gripped your emotions which compelled you to dislike or hate another being or thing?

What about the past few months?

What about the prior years or decades?

There are many who understand how your mind operates, and this comprehension empowers them to influence your thought processes.


When the ones with the widest reaches storytell to divide, that’s when you must safeguard the integrity of your PGS.


I’m kind of a silly boy because I continually ask you to analyze Why or How you…

BREAKING NEWS: New Shortcut “CTL-ALT-BLV” Dissolves Illusory Views Revealing New Kingdom. Read full story below.

(CTL) CONTROL your view

I’m kind of a CTL FRK, so I like to closely monitor everything I view.

And this past week, I viewed a video that will not leave me.

Sadly, I know humanity is suffering. I know your pain because we email. I have heard your hurt.

It sucks.

Except I cannot CTL your pain. I also cannot CTL the safety of humankind. I cannot CTL the division built by those who wish to separate our original natures. …

According to the Gregorian calendar, on today’s date of 4/11, my age on the page displays 42 years.

And according to the Villalva mood cycle, I find b-days to be opportunities for introspection as previously offered in my Open Letter to the Humans Who Haunt Me and The Art of Aging Out.

So with that in mind, here’s a new musing to help you introduce a little danger to your birthdays. :)


What do you really know about your birth’s celebratory date?

Well, you know there may be photos of your wrinkly mug taken on this date. You likely know…

Two months ago, I was sitting Row 21 on an airplane with nothing to do.

That’s when a woman sitting Row 22 reclined just enough to let me sneak peeks of her screen between the seats. I mean she must have known that we were sharing her iPhone Pro?

Seriously, I didn’t mean to creep, but this lady launched a gallery game unlike the rest. This woman’s photo app nav skills were so uncommon that she boxed me in curiosity.

Tap, pinch, expand, swipe, delete.


Her images most often showcased her posing with her husband, food, and smile. But…

When I was an early teen, I didn’t know how to get home.

I’d just finished a sleepover at a buddy’s house and his parents were taking me home, but toward the end of the drive I could not provide directions due to taking a different interstate.

So my friend’s parents pulled over so we could study their map for our final destination. Pretty soon, we were at a payphone where I called my mother for help. Hey, at least I knew the number.

Still, my friend said, “You don’t know how to get home?”

Yuck, I can still hear…

Have you ever felt like the story of your life was a hopeless opus?

If so, you know this unfulfilling experience can spiral into depression, anger, or indifference, because you’re aware things were supposed to be different.


Because deep down, you know you were designed to seek, create, and believe beyond your current best-Self.


I believe that while we’re experiencing this waking life, we’re meant to identify our skillsets, pursue our dreams, and create with intent — except in order to achieve these things, we must first agree upon who we are inside.

So what lights up your insides?

I’ve been on this kick, writing about how One must know their mind’s programming in order to maximize their potential.

Otherwise, why play the game?

Straight up, don’t you want to exceed your current stakes, setting, and goals?

Feel like you’ve been stuck a bit? Lost some control of the story of your life?

Don’t freak, I stall, too. So let’s talk this through for a min my hybrid friend.

20 years ago, I used to be a control freak, like super freaky, and my control-alt-freakiness caused me to question how I was able to dream the future.

At 19…

David Villalva

I create narratives, experience miracles & help storytellers connect with audiences @

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